Find out how much 10,000 is in £ GBP this month: October 2021

The official rate to determine if the value of your transaction (including ancillary costs and the total from ‘linked transactions’) totals 10,000 and thus triggers the requirement to conduct AML checks under the Money Laundering Regulations 2017 is the HMRC monthly exchange rates published on

How to calculate:

> The current month should be listed at the top of the list under ‘monthly exchange rates’.
> Click ‘view online’ next to that month listing.
> Looking at the left column, ‘Country/Territories’, scroll down to ‘Eurozone’ (noting that the list is in alphabetical order).
> See the rate listed.
> Multiply that number by the amount in £ GBP to determine the value in Euros.

Consider this example:

> You’re conducting a transaction for £8,500.
> In October 2021, the exchange rate is 1.163.
> Take £8,500 and multiply that by 1.163.
> The total is 9,885.50, so it falls under the qualifying threshold.

For OCTOBER 2021 the €10,000 threshold equates to: