“What used to take hours now takes minutes.”

How can you fulfil anti-money laundering checks without losing sales? By using our technology designed for the specific needs of Art Market Participants.


Our platform takes you through the AML process to ensure that all steps have been taken and highlights all red flags that need to be addressed (including any that you raise). The design supports a risk-based approach, assigning red flags to your business’s Money Laundering Reporting Officer to conduct additional checks and submit any suspicious activity reports (SARs) as applicable.

The ‘Remote Upload’ feature already loved by collectors enables secure upload of photo ID and proof of address. Once provided and checked with machine learning (and human experts if required), you can run checks against PEP and Sanction databases with confidence, holding proof that these checks have been fulfilled. The cloud-based application holds all data in a GDPR compliant system that provides assurance, all while holding the data in a format for accessibility, should you have an investigation up to five years after a transaction has been completed.

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