In need of an AML Risk Assessment and corresponding AML Policy?

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Not only is it a smart idea to undertake training about anti-money laundering, it’s a requirement under law.

In order to be approved as an Art Market Participant in the UK (with equivalent guidance in other EU member states), it’s important that you have:

3 must-dos each year

The good news:

By signing up to ArtAML’s platform that walks you through the process of conducting compliance checks, you can access our Risk Assessment module that is exclusively available to ArtAML subscribers for only £195. When complete, you’ll be able to download a full AML Risk Assessment Report from your dashboard.

Once that’s complete, ArtAML will make a recommendation for what level of AML Policy is best suited to your business, based on the risks identified in the assessment.

Your AML Policy options are:
Standard £295
Standard with customisation £450
Fully customised (referral)

Much like our due diligence platform, you make the final decision on which policy to select- thereby taking a risk-based approach.

The resulting AML Policy outlines how your business is mitigating identified risks, making use of the ArtAML platform to take a risk-based approach.

Et voilà!

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