In need of an AML Risk Assessment, corresponding Policy and AML Training?

You’ve come to the right place.

Not only is it a smart idea to undertake training about anti-money laundering, it’s a requirement under law.

In order to be approved as an Art Market Participant in the UK (with equivalent guidance in other EU member states), it’s important that you’ve:

Conducted an AML risk assessment with corresponding AML Policy (‘policies, controls and procedures’); and

Attended training to understand your AML obligations.

The good news:

The AML training for yourself / any team members is delivered live online >> see upcoming training workshops.

We can arrange a risk assessment that outlines the potential for being a target of money laundering, with a corresponding AML Policy that outlines how to mitigate those risks. Complete the form below to get started with your Risk Assessment and AML Policy.

The first step towards completing your risk assessment is submitting an Expression of Interest form: