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ArtAML unites art market + technology know-how:

Conduct comprehensive checks, faster

Conduct PEP and Sanctions screenings in seconds… what used to take hours will take minutes.

Reassure customers (and help them help you comply)

Collectors are more willing to provide documentation with ArtAML’s Remote Upload feature.

Securely store highly sensitive documents

Safely store sensitive documents with an additional option to download backups. See our Platform Security and Compliance Policy (and feel free to share with your collectors).

Have peace of mind.

Know when you’ve done ‘enough’, making certain you haven’t missed any steps. Watch a demo in our Knowledge Base.

Conduct the appropriate level of due dilgence

Select between Simplified, Customer (‘Standard’) and Enhanced Due Diligence. Want to use a Reliance Partner? That’s an option, too.

Select how to verify ID verification using a risk-based approach

Choose how you would like to collect photo ID and proof of address: local (customer present or already have docs) or remote. Use sophisticated algorithms to verify photo ID when needed.

Be compliant for buying art / consignments, too

Use our standalone Sanctions screening (for transactions of all values). There is an effort around the globe that makes it illegal to do business with sanctioned individuals / businesses. This also applies to many jurisdictions where art market AML legislation has not yet taken effect.

Whether buying or selling, record art and conduct / upload provenance

If you’re transacting on the secondary market, obligations under the Proceeds of Crime Act (2002) trigger the need to conduct provenance. Make use of this module.

Become an ArtAML Founding Member

Our platform launched in early December 2020, accompanied by the launch of our Founding Member program that runs for a six-month period. To access an exclusive joining rate that provides you ongoing early access to new features and gives your features requests priority, submit an Expression of Interest.

“ArtAML immunises the art market against money laundering.”
-Steve Fuller

Gallery Manager & Senior Registrar, Pilar Corrias Gallery

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