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Find out all about the new 5MLD legislation and what it means to the art market


Our industry focused suite of services helps take the complication out of compliance

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Breathe a sigh of relief… By arriving at ArtAML, you know that specialists are on the case to enable the continual flow of transactions while governments tackle the use of art as a money-laundering vehicle. Our first priority is educating you.

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ArtAML unites art market + technology know-how

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Need an AML risk assessment with corresponding AML Policy, not to mention AML training?

Consider it sorted. The risk assessment with AML manual are bespoke for your business, identifying risks of being the target of money laundering and how to mitigate them. The training is delivered live online.


Let the ArtAML platform do the hard work for you.

Find out how technology designed for the specific needs of Art Market Participants can support your compliance, saving precious time and enabling you to focus on what you do best. The solution is designed for micro and large art businesses alike.

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We’re working closely with HM Revenue & Customs in the UK, the department of which is Supervisory Body for Art Market Participants. With a focus on ‘education’ throughout 2020, be the first in the know as legislation this fresh is subject to rapid change.

“As an art dealer veteran, I understand the fragile nature of closing a sale. ArtAML was conceived to enable art dealers to tackle the new legislation with confidence and minimum disruption, keeping sales flowing all the while”.

Susan J Mumford


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