AML Training

In need of AML training but not sure where to start? Not sure what it even means to comply with AML legislation?

Our in-platform courses provide key information on anti-money laundering compliance for the art market. Designed with small businesses in mind, proceed at your own pace, pausing and picking up again. When you have successfully completed all videos and quizzes, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. All courses are delivered in English.

Courses are currently geared towards: 1) UK-based art businesses; 2) EU and European businesses, as a supplementary AML Training course to training that covers domestic laws and guidance; and 3) jurisdictions without AML compliance for the sector – for example, the U.S.

New to AML compliance for the art market and/or ArtAML™? The Foundation course is designed for you. Totalling 2.5 hours, it incorporates five lessons, each with accompanying quizzes. With UK legislation and guidance cited*, global comparisons are provided throughout to help you understand the developing landscape for an international sector.

* Including but not limited to the: Money Laundering Regulations 2017, Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, Luxury Goods Ban 2022, National Risk Assessment 2020, BAMF Guidance 2023 and HMRC’s Risk Guidance 2021

Lesson 1: What? Why? How? When? Where?
Lesson 2: ‘Art Market Participants’, ‘Art’ and ‘Customers’
Lesson 3: 7 Steps to be Compliant
Lesson 4: Customer Due Diligence and Red Flags
Lesson 5: Reporting and Interventions

Have you already taken our Foundation course? The Refresh course has been developed for you to take once a year thereafter. Totalling 2 hours, it again incorporates five lessons, each with accompanying quizzes. As with the Foundation course, global comparisons are provided.

AML Training
AML Training

On Demand

Start, stop, pause and restart when it suits you

Our online and on-demand AML Training course is there for you to learn at a pace and time that suits you.

Whether you prefer to take the course in one go or divide into smaller chunks, you decide what works best for your learning style and your schedule.

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ArtAML Training
ArtAML Training

ArtAML™ training on-demand was extremely helpful and informative. The structure of the course works very well when trying to fit it into a work day, allowing you to pause and return to each section when you have time. It was presented clearly and used very helpful ‘real world’ examples to put certain regulations into context. I would certainly recommend this training course to other galleries.

Katie Burness
Director of Communications and PR
Cadogan Contemporary

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