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Wondering how ArtAML works?

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How does ArtAML charge for the service- as needed or by subscription?

The service is priced on a subscription basis (excepting ‘Founding Members’ who take advantage of a deep discount plus early access to new features and priority for feature requests). This provides assurance for safely keeping evidence of checks for the minimum period of five years, providing continuous service with ArtAML.

Is there a minimum subscription period?

No: you’re able to stay as short or long as you fancy.

Does ArtAML provide information from AML checks if a subscription is stopped?

Yes, which is downloaded by the user. Better yet, ‘Risk Manager’ level users are able to download data at any time. (While ArtAML has multiple secure back-ups of all data, some users want downloads for their own backup. If you choose to do this, be sure to hold personal data in a GDPR compliant manner.)

How much does ArtAML cost?

Subscriptions start at £35 (or $45 USD / €39 EUR) and go up to ‘Enterprise’ for customised solutions in which you want a bespoke integration.

Are there additional costs, for instance for PEP and Sanctions checks and ID verification?

No, the core platform incorporates (amongst much more): PEP and Sanctions screening, high risk country check, ID verification (with optional ‘liveness’ and ‘facial recognition’ checks)

Is it possible to have a trial?

Yes, and this is experience based so that you can see for yourself how it walks you through the full AML process while saving time along the way. Typically, trial users conduct an initial check on yourself followed by one or several real-life AML checks. Get in touch to have a demo and then have a go.

How can collectors / clients securely send photo ID etc?

The ‘remote upload’ feature enables secure uploads from the collector’s device to ArtAML’s cloud-based storage. This eradicates the need to send photo ID by email which presents a high cybersecurity risk.

What assurance can be provided about holding highly sensitive documents such as collectors' passports?

The software development team is comprised of senior developers with backgrounds building onboarding and AML solutions for large banks. Their knowledge has resulted in robust security which includes amongst many other features encrypted servers at rest (located in the EU).

Why go to ArtAML and not one of the big finance or legal AML solutions?

The ArtAML platform has developed solutions specific to the art market- for example, a provenance module, and will continue to develop needs for the industry as the 100% focus.

Can the platform conduct checks for international clients (and not only UK)?

Yes: this is another example of the platform being focused on the international art market.

Why the focus on the art market? Do you understand the needs of the industry?

Our CEO has been in the art market since 2001 and co-founded ArtAML wtih a commitment to support the art market to keep trading in the face of a changing industry, in which such legislation is an unavoidable reality. The team has a deep understanding of the art market including its many complexities, and the advisory panel provides additional industry expertise.

What differentiates ArtAML?

The platform is not a box-ticking exercise (which has got at least one auction house we know into trouble). It walks you through the AML process, taking and prompting a risk-based approach. This effectively brings together technology and the unique human mind to make informed decisions that are documented in the platform.

Does ArtAML have an API?

It’s presently being built and will be ready by the end of Q1 2021. Get in touch if you represent a technology firm and are interested in integrating your platform.

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