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Be guided through the full AML process and not miss any steps

(note: Customer Due Diligence is more than just an identity check)

Ongoing GDPR-compliant storage of data collected that you need to keep for five years

(ISO 27001 certified, plus SOC 1 Type II & SOC 2 Type II and PCI-DSS)

Secure remote upload of ID document

(such as a passport) + proof of address by your clients and other Art Market Participants on whom you need to conduct Customer Due Diligence

Conduct level of due diligence required per transaction

Without any hidden costs for PEP + Sanctions screening, high-risk jurisdiction check, identity verification, international ID documents, and more.

Add your business’s branding to the Remote Upload application seen by your clients

International ID verifiation using machine learning

Plus optional selfie-scan by your client that is checked by a human identity verification expert — at no extra cost

International PEP + Sanctions screening (individuals) of +1,000 databases, checked in a second with reference links provided

Close relatives check for PEP + Sanctions (individuals)

Standalone Sanctions screenings of private individuals available with no maximum usage.

Applicable for transactions that are out of scope of AML (for example, less than 10K Euros)

High Risk Country check

(UK, EU + FATF lists checked)

Add a Reliance Partner

(on whom you are relying for their Customer Due Diligence conducted) as well as download paperwork to provide on Art Market Participants relying on your CDD (see next point).

Downloadable reports for Customer Due Diligence

Including for example: KYC (from our ‘Customer’ module); Reliance certificate to show what checks have been performed, at which level and results; and the ‘Transaction’ report (also useful for Reliance)

Additional document upload available throughout questionnaires, as needed

Key AML information including references to the Money Laundering Regulations provided in the platform

Listing of red flags and ability to add your own red flags

Supports taking a risk-based approach compliance

Email templates

Provided in User Resources; to help smooth out the AML process for you and your clients.

Historic transactions feature

Enables you to upload data (documents, screenshots) and decision-making process from AML checks conducted prior to joining ArtAML™ at no additional cost

Customer support

Available via email, telephone, WhatsApp and Zoom. We’re always happy to walk you through the process!

Company information search

Identify UBOs, Directors & Officers, making the Customer Due Diligence process easier and faster

International Sanctions screening of companies

Available as part of the KYC process (ArtAML’s ‘Customer’ module) and as a standalone screening option

Add users for any unused licences

via the ‘User Admin’ panel. Differing user levels available: Risk Manager, Sales

Confidential information from passports and proof of address is masked from ‘Sales’ level users

Red flags raised in checks being conducted by Sales level users will automatically be assigned to Risk Manager/s in the account

Sign-off procedures can be achieved with the assignment of tasks to a designated team member.

Buy extra AML checks as needed

On a month-by-month basis

Provenance solution available for secondary market transactions

(this falls under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and many AMPs like to hold compliance records for the full picture in one place)

Add user licences to your account on an as-needed basis

Team onboarding sessions available via Zoom

Take advantage of a half-hour 1:1 with ArtAML™

Every 4-6 weeks: learn more about the ArtAML™ platform and ask questions about AML as they arise