Is your (or another) art business registered for Money Laundering Supervision as an Art Market Participant?

November 4, 2021
by ArtAML Team

Find out if your business – or a colleague with whom you’re doing business, has successfully registered for Money Laundering Supervision.

Why is this important?

For businesses with a UK operation: You need to be an approved Art Market Participant with HMRC in order to continue transacting in ‘works of art’ for the value of 10,000+ Euros.

If your UK business is ‘relying’ on another Art Market Participant’s AML check for a transaction: That other business needs to be regulated under the Money Laundering Regulations in the UK or equivalent AML legislation in another jurisdiction. Providing their business location associated with the transaction is in the UK, they need to be registered as an Art Market Participant*.

*Note that if they have recently applied, their business might not yet be on the register linked below. If they are not listed, you can discuss their registration status. IF they have recently submitted their registration, it is likely that HMRC is still reviewing their entry, as it typically takes up to 45 days for registration approval, and there can also be a lag between acceptance and listing on the public register.

Download the latest Register of Supervised Businesses (list published by HMRC on 21st November 2021):

Image of CSV file for register of supervised businesses


Navigate to

There, scroll down to ‘Check if a business is registered’ and click the hyperlinked text ‘Supervised Business Register’ to download the CSV file.

Once downloaded and opened, use the ‘search’ box to find if your / another business is listed.

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