Register for or renew Anti-Money Laundering Supervision – and how to contact HMRC: for UK Art Market Participants

October 11, 2022
by ArtAML Team
Wanting to register or renew for Money Laundering Supervision in the UK? Need to talk with HMRC as regulator for UK Art Market Participants? Read this post for key info.

Points of note:

>> The associated Organisation Government Gateway ID is specific to Money Laundering Supervision (“MLS”), and is separate to the Government Gateway for Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE, etc.

>> You are urged to keep your password in a safe place – ideally encrypted. HMRC has warned us that losing the password has caused some registered businesses difficulty in the past.

>> After initially registering and paying the annual fee for trading premises and responsible person/s, the business will need to renew each year. This includes paying the same fees each year.

>> When HMRC sends you an email message, you need to log into your MLS account to read the message. This means that if you ever receive a message that looks questionable (which we’ve seen happen with genuine communication from the regulator), you can separately log into your account to see if you have really been contacted. It’s for this reason that they communicate in this manner.

URL for registering / renewing your UK Money Laundering Supervision:

Will you receive a penalty for late registration?
If you’ve had ‘qualifying transactions’ of 10K+ EUR in works of art since 10th June 2021, you can expect to pay a penalty. Providing you’re voluntarily registering – and haven’t been requested to do so by HMRC, you’re eligible for a 50% reduction. To receive this, at the time that you submit your AMP registration, email [email protected] and explain that you’re voluntarily registering. This creates an audit trail to support the reduction in fee.

Contact HMRC:
>> Email: [email protected]
>>> Or specifically with regard to registration: [email protected]

Further reading:
>> Guide for Registering as an Art Market Participant (UK)

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