Our CEO and Co-Founder Susan J Mumford recently spoke with Niels Brabandt, owner of NB Networks, to shed some light on the inner workings of the art market.

Tune into The Leadership Podcast ‘The Art Market – a Temporary Trend or an Investment Which Came to Stay’ to develop an understanding of how the art market works, what’s changed since the implementation of the latest anti-money laundering legislation in the UK, and how businesses have had to adapt as a result of the pandemic (16 mins):

Preview of the The Leadership Podcast interview with host Neils Brabandt and guest speaker Susan J Mumford

Skip ahead to key interview highlights:

2m 03s: Gain an insight as to how, given the current climate, it is possible to run a business in the art world when people are unable to meet face-to-face.

3m 07s: Susan discusses why galleries with an existing online presence have managed to adapt more easily to the changes brought about by the COVID era, and the need to work on a solution to the lack of ‘social experience’ in the industry.

5m 09s: When questioned about art businesses’ resistance to having an online presence, Susan reflects on the events of the 2008-09 credit crunch, and to that of present day and the change in attitudes and actions during the pandemic as time has progressed.

6m 16s: Susan explains why and how many businesses have adopted a blended model to safeguard for the future.

7m 07s: Develop an understanding of the benefits of having a blended model in place, and the positive changes that have occurred as a result of being pro-active in the face of change.

8m 06s: Listen to a brief overview of the recent anti-money laundering legislation to hit the EU, why this was brought into effect, and why it means for buyers and sellers in the art market today.

Listen to the podcast.