Understanding your AML obligations, and how technology saves time and money: ArtTactic podcast interview with ArtAML

February 12, 2021
by ArtAML™ Team

We’re delighted to have been interviewed for ArtTactic’s podcast series.

Taking place prior to the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act 2021 (US), Podcast Host interviewed ArtAML™ CEO Susan J Mumford with cross-Atlantic fascination. Susan provided a wide breadth of AML insights (see highlights below) and spoke about the cultural impact of such legislation for the industry.

Join listeners from both sides of the Atlantic who found it both enjoyable and informative and have a listen (27 mins):

Soundcloud postcast 'playing preview' of ArtAML™ CEO Susan J Mumford's interview with ArtTactic

Key interview highlights include:

2m 17s: Susan opens with exactly what anti-money laundering is, the new major AML Regulations that have been brought about in Europe, and what this means for the art world.

5m 43s: Learn how the introduction of AML5D has impacted art transactions in Europe, and a walk-through of what additional requirements are expected of galleries and Art Market Participants since the change.

10m 15s: Susan sheds some light on how ArtAML came to be, and how the platform and its integrated tools make it easier for businesses in the art market to comply with the latest AML regulations.

14m 53s: Discover how the Regulations are affecting the art market from a commercial perspective, and what this means with regard to confidentiality and transparency in an industry that has long been renowned for its privacy.

23m 13s: Finally, get a bit of insight into ArtAML’s wider roadmap – a new product currently under development, the ArtAML Pass.

Listen to the podcast in full: https://arttactic.com/podcast/susan-j-mumford-artaml/

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